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One of the most important and responsible stages of the construction of any building, including a private country cottage, is architectural design. After all, it depends on this stage, what will be the overall concept of construction, how exactly will all your wishes be implemented to the appearance of the structure and its internal layout, etc.

Thus, the architectural design involves the development of a whole range of solutions: from the exterior and layout to the landscape design of the site. If you have an approximate idea of ​​what your future dwelling should be, but in general, your requirements have not yet been fully formed, then it is worth paying attention to the finished design developments. If the decisive moment for you is the uniqueness of your home and its exact compliance with your requirements in detail, then you need to apply for individual design services.

At the request of the customer, you can simultaneously order a building project and design of its rooms. We will develop a design project for the interior of the future house so that the building is absolutely harmonic both from the outside and from the inside so that the general concept extends both to the exterior of the house and to its premises.

Development of a project of a cottage, industrial building or other construction is quite a complex, serious and long-term process, therefore it includes several stages of cooperation:

Preliminary discussion with the customer of the project of the house and measurements at the construction site.
We begin by discussing your wishes and drawing up the first small sketches. At the first stage, we will know your preferences, wishes regarding the future of the building. The built cottage will have to meet your needs and desires to the maximum. Together with the discussion of all the details, measurements are taken at the future construction site, and a detailed technical task is drawn up. The result of the stage is the creation of the image of the future building, sufficiently suited to your ideas about the ideal house.

Development of an architectural concept.
The second stage of cooperation is the development of an architectural concept in which all the main elements of the future building, described in the terms of reference, are embodied on paper or computer. Development of the architectural concept allows you to create a realistic visual representation of the future cottage, clarify and discuss the nuances of the project with the customer. Once all the details of the structure have been agreed with the customer, the final version of the architectural concept is approved and the second stage is finished, a contract for the creation of a preliminary design is signed.

Preliminary design.
At this stage, all the elements of the layout are detailed, the facade of the building is drawn, detailed plans for floors and roofing are created. The set of drawings: plans, sections, facades – are combined into a single whole, and, if necessary, the basic drawings are supplemented with drawings of individual building structures. Customer volume planning solutions are presented after computer visualization, in the most convenient and realistic form, allowing to demonstrate and evaluate the appearance of the house after completion of all construction works, evaluate the work done. The draft design is a full reflection of the result of the work at all stages of the project creation, but, despite this, it is subject to mandatory agreement with the customer.

Preparation of the working project
The final stage of working project development is the transformation of sketches into real schemes and calculations, development and coordination of all working documentation. At this stage, the process of designing houses is connected by all specialists who translate ideas into precise calculations and drawings necessary for building a house:

  • Designers are developing drawings and layouts of beams, rafters, ceilings, other, no less important units, calculating the strength of structures.
  • Architects detail the arrangement of facades, the location of window and door, the exact roof plans and much more, while each floor and each room is executed in many angles.
  • Engineers create projects for heating and ventilation systems, think through the organization of water supply, sewerage, prepare a project for a secure power supply system. power supply system.

The stage of the working project completes the stage of the architectural part. After that, all documentation is transferred to the customer. Now you can proceed to implementation.

Our employees work on construction from start to finish. Thinking about the principles of building a future structure, developing a project of a cottage (or other building) and author’s supervision is an incomplete list of our services for the development of projects for the erection of reliable, functional and elegant buildings. Architects can order a cottage project, and they will not only develop a concept for the future of the house, but also ensure that the building is erected in strict accordance with the documentation, without any errors, discrepancies or substitutions.