Building your own home is an important and responsible step. In a new home, the family should feel comfortable, so you need to know and provide a lot of nuances, which is almost impossible to do to a person far from the construction business.

Therefore, it is important to choose a company that you can trust to build your home. TCNC can take care of the construction of your home. Since we are professionally engaged in the design, construction and decoration of buildings for more than 12 years, we will help you to decide on the project, the choice of materials for walls, roofing, interior and exterior decoration. It will be enough for you to think over your special wishes, decide with our help what materials you prefer to use for basic construction, and which ones for final finishing, and our specialists will realize your dream. And, if we can not convince you to entrust us with the construction of your house, then at least we will try to warn you against a lot of possible mistakes.

Think about a cozy country cottage, beautiful and reliable?

TCNC specialists will directly participate in the selection, finalization or creation of a cottage or house project that will ideally meet all the specifics of your lifestyle. We try to take into account absolutely everything: wishes, needs, financial capabilities of the customer, features of materials. And if you already have a ready project for a building or a complex of buildings, we will scrupulously study it and implement it, taking into account every nuance.

The choice of modern building materials is now huge. This is brick, and gas-silicate or aerated concrete blocks, stone, timber and much more. Concrete-containing mixtures are now extremely popular in the monolithic construction of cottages. We will help you to understand all the variety of proposals. Our consultants will show the merits and demerits of each of the materials, advise the best. After all, the choice of material depends not only on technical characteristics, but also on climate, terrain features.

Think about how you see your future in the new house.

The company TCNC exists just to embody the most daring architectural ideas and non-standard design solutions. Trust our experience and professionalism. We will be able not only to build a comfortable cottage or a house, but also make the process of developing and building a building easy and enjoyable for you. You will be surprised how quickly the dream becomes a reality.